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Please let us know if you see a turtle. All sightings help us to understand more about these wonderful creatures.

Click here to make an online sighting of a turtle on the Climate Watch website.

Call your closest Turtle Watch Environment Centre:

Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre
9417 8460

Canning River Eco
Education Centre
9461 7160

South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare
9458 5664

Herdsman Lake
Wildlife Centre
9387 6079

Turtle Watch

Welcome to Turtle Watch
Turtle Watch is dedicated to providing information about the Oblong or Long-neck Turtle (Chelodina colliei) of the south-west of Western Australia. This turtle is the only native freshwater turtle species found throughout metropolitan and suburban Perth. Oblong turtles have an important role to play in wetland and river health. They are considered to be the top predator in the underwater food chain.

Turtle Watch is an AAEE WA project and includes a collaborative network of community partners and individuals who work to facilitate the conservation of Oblong Turtles. Turtle Watch also aims to assist in the collection of information, including educational materials, to enhance awareness of the biology and needs of the Oblong Turtle.

Turtle Watch started in 2006. Turtle Watch 1 involved an initial turtle project located at Herdsman Lake, conducted from 2006 to 2008 and funded by a Community Conservation Grant. The findings of this project led to a follow-on project, Turtle Watch 2, which ran from 2011 to 2013, funded by a Lotterywest Grant. The Turtle Watch 2 project was located at three sites - Herdsman Lake, Bibra Lake and the Canning River. After the completion of Turtle Watch 2 it was agreed by participating partners that the initiative would continue as there was considerable community momentum to support an ongoing Turtle Watch commitment.
Click here for the Turtle Watch 2 Lotterywest Final Report
Click here for the Turtle Watch Report 2013

Fact Sheet
An information sheet providing basic facts about the Oblong Turtle and care of turtles you may see when you are near rivers and wetlands is available.
Click here for Living with Turtles Fact Sheet New


The Turtle Watch Education Kit is proudly supported by AAEE WA. This Kit provides educational activities on the Oblong Turtle in particular, and other turtle species in general. It also provides information on conservation issues and turtle-friendly gardens.
Click here for the Turtle Watch Education Kit

We need your help!  To find out more about Oblong Turtles we need to know where they are living and what they are doing.  If you see an Oblong Turtle please log your sighting on the ClimateWatch website or call us on one of the Turtle Watch Hotlines listed in the green box on the left of this page. In this way you may contribute as a citizen scientist to the growing data base of information about these turtles .

We also run Oblong Turtle displays, talks and events that showcase the Oblong Turtle on a regular basis.  Keep an eye on the Latest News section on our Home page for further details.

School Accreditation

Schools are encouraged to become a Turtle Watch Accredited School.  To become accredited schools must fulfil three criteria and supply evidence to support their application.  Once they have been accredited the school will receive a certificate to display in a prominent place within the school.
Click here for an information sheet outlining the steps involved in becoming an accredited Turtle Watch School and the application form

We are proud to announce that the following schools became Turtle Watch Accredited Schools in 2017 (click on the school name to view their application):
South Lake Primary School
South Coogee Primary School
Coolbinia Primary School

2016 Accredited Schools

Fremantle Christian College
Coolbinia Primary School

2015 Accredited Schools:
Blue Gum Montessori
Coolbinia Primary School
South Coogee Primary School
Southwell Primary School

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Other Resources

Click here for YouTube footage of a fox eating eggs that was captured during the project.
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For further information please contact the Turtle Watch Coordinator.
We hope you enjoy learning about turtles and become champions for turtle conservation.